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ASE Certified Master Technician

Car owners want the best service for their vehicles no matter the make or model. With the tremendous technological advances on current cars, it’s more important than ever to have mechanics that understand them. Having an amateur technician may cause more issues than you originally had, which is why an ASE-certified technician is highly sought after in the repair of your car.

ASE-certified master technicians are trained extensively on repairing cars, no matter the age.

We take pride in the fact that we have an in-house mechanic who is an ASE Master Technician trained give our clients the best service for their cars. This certification means that the technician is above the rest. It also means that the technician is qualified to deal with all areas of auto repair.

Less Expense To You

Having an ASE-certified technician means less of an expense to you as it’s important that the issue your car is having can be diagnosed and fixed correctly the first time… meaning less trips to the car repair shop for the issue that seems to only rear it’s ugly head when you aren’t in the shop!

ASE-certified technicians are well equipped to face your car problems efficiently and offer faster fixes. They also can spot things that may cause issues in the future, keeping you on the road for longer, and keeping more money in your pocket.

Customer Confidence in Our Business

An ASE-certified technician will allow you to relax when you drop your car off. The the certification is not a must to work here, but shows commitment to becoming the best and takes their job seriously. An ASE certified employee must recertify every five years.

Being ASE certified also implies the continuous growth of a technician. The ever-changing technological automobile world requires mechanics that are up to par with current car technology, and able to work with it. An ASE Technician must be recertified every five years, which shows that the technician has expanded their knowledge and is ready to tackle even more recent problems other technicians are not aware of.


At Mario LoMedico Exotic Motors, we’ll handle all of your auto concerns and ensure that you’ll back on the road as soon as possible. We also have all available equipment ready to service all your exotic cars ranging from Audis, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Porches, Volkswagen, and much more.

We also sell high-end exotic vehicles that are rare to find, such as Audis, BMWs, Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Porches, and many more at excellent prices. Make sure you visit us for all these services.

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